No Look Escape

No Look Escape
No Look Escape started as a few guys playing acoustic music at local coffee shops and venues. This rendition of the group formulated in the summer/fall of 2005 and within the next year a band came together. For the next few years we performed several shows, but mainly focused on recording. It took a lot of long hours in the studio, but the debut album was released in the summer of 2009. Enjoy!

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No Look Escape is or was

Charlie Hickman - vocals/acoustic/electric guitar
Ryan Medina - electric/acoustic guitar
Greg Davis - bass
Chris Lopez - drums


No Look Escape

No Look Escape

Released July, 17, 2009

No Look Escape - No Look Escape
This is No Look Escape's debut album. The process took a long time and a lot of hours in the studio. We began tracking in late summer of 2006 and finished tracking in the spring of 2009. It was quite an experience and brought out some great music.


  1. All You Are (03:55)
  2. I'll Be There (04:33)
  3. Stand (04:42)
  4. Low (04:38)
  5. Seattle (06:15)
  6. A-minor Interlude (02:52)
  7. Found (04:10)
  8. Say Too Much (04:23)
  9. Without Words (01:45)
  10. Home (05:39)
  11. Not My Own (05:07)
  12. As I Fall (04:41)
  13. In Your Arms (06:45)
  14. Everyone Plays Guitar (04:42)
  15. Everyone Plays Guitar (Reprise) (00:51)
  16. Free Burritos (Live) (05:39)

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