Behind The Music: A Potential Outcome Of Technology

A Potential Outcome of Technology was written in the spring of 2012. Initially it was written as a score to a single episode (potentially more) in a web based film series. However, due to time constraints the piece was never used for the episode.

When first asked to score the episode I felt quite under prepared. The creator and I spent a good amount of time discussing the series concept. The setting for the series was in the near future. The main character was a computer genius frustrated with societal downturns due to excessive technology. Hence the piece’s name. The creator wanted a piece that embodied the future, techno, and computer hackers. Which is quite outside my normal scope of music. Interested in the challenge and diversity I took on the project.

Sitting at the keyboard with a sound bank called “techno stadium” I began fumbling around. The first thing to come out was dark keyboard melody in 7/8 time. Not exactly sure how 7/8 came out naturally, but it did. Then I built the chord structure and piece around that melody eventually adding electric guitar, vocals, beats and more. The piece was initially set up in three sections (soft, medium, loud). Each section could be added to the end or beginning of another. Theoretically the piece could have been used in various ways throughout the episode; that is back to back, completely separate, or lined up in a row.

Listen to A Potential Outcome of Technology below.

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