Choral Coming Soon – Still, Still And Quiet

It’s said the original instrument is the voice.

To be honest it’s not that great of a saying in the practical sense! What it’s really saying is that no one invented instruments before someone sang.

What is intriguing about the saying is that originally music, songs, melodies, harmonies were all inside human beings and the voice was the just the means (or instrument) of getting it out. There is something beautiful about returning to the basics, to the original, to the voice. To the wonderful simplicity, yet innate complexity of the human voice.

This concept has always intrigued me, and I’ve been deeply enamored and awed by choral music. More than that, I’ve always had a desire to compose it. So recently I composed a piece of choral music with the help of lyricist and good friend Andrew Mauzey. I’m pretty excited about it and made a rough draft of it with automated voices and piano. It’s my hope to perfect this piece, and continue my explorations in this genre. Feel free to check it out below.

I’ll keep you posted on performances and recordings.

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