Alan Cross Music

Alan Cross Music
Alan Cross Music is a dynamic and diverse worship leader. His band has had many incarnations over the past years. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of this band since its early incarnations. We've lead worship all over southern California. And I've had the privilege of recording and producing works by Alan. Check out this single we tracked in fall of 2008. Enjoy!

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Alan Cross Music is or was

Alan Cross - piano/vocals
Ryan Medina - electric/acoustic guitar
Nate Harris - bass
Anthony Uriarte - drums
Hannah Wainio - back-up vocals


Alan Cross Music

Open My Eyes

Alan Cross Music - Open My Eyes
This is a piece of music written by Alan Cross; which I had the privilege to arrange and play the acoustic guitar and the chorus lead electric.


  1. Open My Eyes (05:54)
  2. Open My Eyes - Instrumental (05:54)

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The Live Tracks

Alan Cross Music - The Live Tracks
We tracked this live set in June of 2010. I had the opportunity to play electric guitar with some extremely talented musicians. It was a lot fun. Enjoy!


  1. His Will My Life (04:30)
  2. Crying Out (08:10)
  3. Our Rock (06:30)
  4. Hidden (05:42)