Lisa Jones Music

Lisa Jones Music
Lisa Jones is a singer/songwriter from southern California. We started playing together somewhere in 2005. Lisa has put out three recordings. I performed on all three, however, have more responsibility as they progress. The newest recording I helped record and produce. We have played all over southern California promoting the releases.

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Lisa Jones Music is or was

Lisa Jones - vocals/acoustic guitar
Ryan Medina - acoustic guitar
Troy Born - drums
Dale Dimapindan - bass


Lisa Jones Music


Released April, 29, 2011

Lisa Jones Music - Wildfire
In January 2009 we began tracking this album as an acoustic follow-up EP to the Jericho EP. By the summer of 2009 we decided it should have a full band and should be a full length. So we began tracking in late summer/early fall. It was officially released in 2011. Enjoy.


  1. Love You're the Reason (03:47)
  2. Could've Been Your Angel (05:02)
  3. Smilin (03:59)
  4. Wildfire (04:39)
  5. Heart Back To Life (04:15)
  6. Upside Down (03:07)
  7. Fool (03:55)
  8. Hold On (06:25)

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Jericho EP

Released October, 3, 2008

Lisa Jones Music - Jericho EP
We began tracking for this album in the summer of 2007. Over the next year there were a lot of trips to the studio, a lot of long days, and some great musical talent. It was a lot of fun and it was great to see the final product released.


  1. Jericho (04:18)
  2. Prophet (04:27)
  3. Stone (04:13)
  4. Self Destruction (03:31)
  5. Carousel (04:35)

The Live Tracks

Lisa Jones Music - The Live Tracks
This is a live version of Lisa's song Could've Been Your Angel. It was recorded while playing live in Los Angeles California.


  1. Could Have Been Your Angel (Live) (04:58)