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Behind The Music: A Spiral

A Spiral was written in the spring on 2013. That spring I was approached by an old acquaintance and artist named Ryan Martin ( He mentioned he was working with videographer Nicholas Domaguing ( to make a short video about his work and asked if I would write the score.

They gave a few examples of desired musical pieces/styles, which were primarily dark orchestral. They also described a desire for a “nature” or “outdoors” type of sound. Since there wasn’t a budget we decided to work with only a few simple instruments. Something orchestral (piano and celesta) and something natural (world drums).

During the time I had recently had news of an old friend committing suicide. And the melody of a guitar part written years earlier came to mind. Surprisingly enough it translated wonderfully to piano and is the opening and closing sections of the piece.

With all those inspirations and ideas the piece came out. Surprisingly enough I performed the entire piece on piano (which wasn’t easy being primarily guitarist), however, the middle section piano was sped up via midi. Thomas Newman’s work has always inspired me and his American Beauty score helped shape the world drums parts.

Listen to A Potential Outcome of Technology below or view the video Portrait of an Artist here.

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Portrait of an Artist & A Spiral – Volume 2: Minor’s Relation To Major – Video

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