Ryan Musique – musician, guitarist, composer, producer. His music pulls you in, lulls your soul and reminds you that there’s still hope.

Ryan Musique (Medina) hails from Orange County, California. Music surrounded him from a young age, and at age 13 he received his first guitar which fuelled his passion and furthered his dedication to the musical cause. Over the years he has perfected his art: playing with numerous bands, jamming with other musicians, playing worship at his home church, other churches/conferences/festivals across the state, as well as years of private tuition.

He has continued to write, perform, and record music across a variety of genres, and has experienced all sorts of vibrant musical settings spanning from hard rock to folk, via sampling and others! Ryan has performed all across the state and has shared the stage with numerous well known artists including: Thrice, Avenged Sevenfold, Hatebreed, and Duke Special among others.

His vast experience of collaborating with other talented artists has given him the experience and background needed to pursue his own innovative recording projects, which have been in the making for a number of years! His eagerly awaited first solo Album is soon to be released.

Please feel free to browse through the music section where you’ll find samples of all the projects both past and present that Ryan has been a part of. Happy listening!

Shared the stage with

» Duke Special
» Thrice
» Avenged Sevenfold
» Hatebreed
» Bleeding Through
» A Static Lullaby
» Atreyu


» Jackson USA SL1 Soloist
» G&L ASAT Classic Bluesboy Semi-hollow
» Martin D-18 (1937)
» Taylor 716-CE (2011)
» Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 100 Combo
» DigiTech Whammy Pedal
» Line 6 Echo Park Pedal
» Morley Power Wah Volume