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Ryan Musique – Upcoming EP

So the artwork is complete for my upcoming EP! Which means… yep you guessed it – there is an EP almost ready for the world to enjoy.

I’ve titled it Volume 1:On Trials And Overcoming, which coincidentally is the name of the first track. You’ll find this idea intermingled and permeating through the remaining tracks.

It’s due to be released in early December and I’ll get the exact date out to you soon.

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New Music from That Lonely Hour

Matt and I are slowly, but surely moving through our upcoming album. We have officially finished six tracks! The album will most likely consist of ten songs, one instrumental and one song introduction. It may also feature other music, as we’re still in the planning process. But it will have the ones above for sure. We’ve been talking about releasing an acoustic version with it. That is to say all the same songs arranged for just acoustic (or two) and voice. I will soon add some of the newly finished material here.

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Christmas Song! Angels from the Realms of Glory

So for the last week and a half I have been working on an arrangement of “Angels from the Realms of Glory.”  A friend, namely Tim Bauer, is putting together a Christmas compilation album.  The album is a collection  of Christmas songs—originals and covers—from all sorts of different artists.  It will be released this Christmas season and the proceeds will be donated to charity.  I’ve got everything recorded and am in the midst of working through the mixing process.  Hopefully I’ve have a copy of it up soon, Ryan.

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